What is Marcamor?

As we brainstormed ideas, the word “marcamor” became an early contender. Our slogan “ideas that grow brands” do justification and mean everything to Marcamor. We immediately loved how it sounded—big and important. The Word “Marca” means the Brand and the meaning of “amor” is love.

Sandeep Tekkali - CEO

Who We Are

We are a team of creative and passionate professionals who love partnering with businesses to help them achieve success.

What We Do

We deploy our researched and validated marketing efforts in taking your business to the heights you're dreaming of.

Why We Do It

We want to see your business go sky high So tell us, what drives your business, we can take over the digital world!

Our Values

We believe it’s our friendly and innovative culture that leads to great ideas and breakthrough marketing strategies. And it’s through our values we embrace best in all we do.

Our Services

we offer top-notch digital solutions that can bring a valid difference in your business
Strategy & Consulting

Consulting you in the right direction does go a long way. We don't stop there, we make the most appropriate and unique strategy for your business

Design & Development

Design and development work side-by-side. We scientifically design & develop streamlined user-friendly Web/App and make use of the technology that best fits.

Digital Marketing

Do you want to scale up your business with leads or revenue? Don’t worry! Our expert team will create the best marketing plan and execute to make you the market leader.


We create brands that speak and connect. When loyal customers are spreading the word about your business, think that we've done your business branding the right way.

Advertising & Promotions

For us, advertising and promotions are simple. A story gets registered in anyone's head. We deploy the art of storytelling while advertising and promoting your business.

Sales & Business Development

Growth hacking is the need of the hour. Marcamor pursues strategic opportunities by nourishing relationships with stakeholders, buyers, and partners.


Our Core Team

Our team is yours. We're not just dedicated to making technology work for your business, we're committed to helping you explore the digital market.

Sandeep Tekkali

If not adventure sports or trekking. You can find him mentoring startups and supporting the SMEs in their strategy. An alumni of IIFT Delhi & NIT Warangal. Ex-Tata Steel and Ex-IFFCO

Kuldeep Singh

Either he sweats in the gym or meditates in solitude. You can usally find him reading psychology Novels. An Alumni of IIM Bangalore & IIT Dhanbad. Worked with Halliburton and Maruti Suzuki.

Ujjwal Bommala

Engineer by chance. Biker at heart. Marketing maverick by choice. From sales, marketing and branding to advertising he has a say in everything. Alumni of NIT Warangal & IIM Rohtak. Ex-TCY

2231 Sycamore, Green Bay, WI 54304
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