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Tips On How Brands Should Respond To The Coronavirus Crisis

As marketing leaders still wrap their heads around how branding works within the digital age, many brands are in trouble. But it’s not the first time. More than once, experts have declared branding dead. Still, like superheroes, it never stays dead for long. If anything, branding might be more important today than ever.

Success is no longer determined by who has the biggest advertising budget or the most recognizable logo. It’s determined how best brands connect with their customers. As the COVID-19 crisis peaks in many countries, many brands are suffering. Lockdowns are keeping customers away from stores, affecting e-commerce sales and factory closures.
So Rethink your marketing strategy to make them more relevant. Let us recognize this as a new normal. How brands react to this crisis is going to shape consumer perceptions beyond. Brands have to prepare to emerge out of the crisis stronger than before. Here are a few tips on how to go about doing this.

Extend Support

This is not a marketing opportunity to think about how you could only concentrate on profits but instead how you can help your consumers during this crisis and think of contributing to the economy through different means. Additionally, making a donation or offering your products /services at a discounted rate to people in dire need at this time will be a gesture that can be remembered for years to come.

Brands have to be extra cautious about putting out their communication in the right context. Every piece of content generated should resonate with the brand’s customers and their target groups. To avoid creating a negative brand impression and damaging the brand reputation, brands got to make sure that their communication is brand safe and unbiased.

people are asked to self-isolate and stay home, brands would have to anticipate changes in consumer behavior. Their needs and expectations might change drastically. The better you have anticipated the possible scenarios, the more prepared you are and the more confident you will be in implementing the changes. Keep testing the market.

Stay Connected
When everyone is practicing social distance at this time, leverage the digital power to stay connected. Brands need to stay invested in consumer relationships throughout the crisis. This is the time where brands got to stand by their consumers, add value to their lives, and establish new bonds.