59% of people prefer swiping their cards only with brands they trust or are familiar with

Before you get confused, let me be cent percent clear of what exactly forms a Brand!

Generally, people think a logo along with a set of colors and fonts forms a brand. No doubt, they are important. But they are only a small part of Branding. Branding is a way to bridge the gap between your audience and your company, ‘emotionally’. Those 59% people don’t buy products, they buy your values, your beliefs, and most important, they buy human connection.


Okay, so now you know what branding is. But why does it have so much hype?

According to some studies and Google, it is estimated that approximately 2 million SMEs are established each year. With so much crowd in the market, you need to have a set strategy to give your audience an unforgettable customer experience. And this is possible only through Branding. An effective and strategic branding can help you stand out in the crowd of millions. When you stand out, you can deliver a clear message. That in return can bring the targeted audience. These people will become your customers sooner or later.

We, at Marcamor, provide you with the best branding and advertising services. Marcamor is a digital branding company in Hyderabad. We provide the branding and marketing strategy for various established and startup companies. Contradictory to other digital marketing and branding service providers, we study your business from the seedling stage. We follow a Research--Reflect--Rollout approach for digital branding solutions.

Research: Many businesses are unaware of who they are as a brand, or they are confused about where to start figuring that out. Branding agencies like Marcamor define the key principles and other relevant qualities that distinguish you from the competition.
We do market research of what’s selling like a hot pie. We also consider looking into competitors' strategy for better understanding. Unlike others, we like to add an additional step of looking into future market trends.
It takes a lot of research and unwinding of qualities that even the brand is unaware of. This includes the core values of the company, mission and vision statements, messaging format, voice, and other elements.

Reflect: Based on the research, we make a full proof strategy to connect with your audience at the highest level. This will include strategies to deliver the correct message, to create brand loyalty, and to create the most talked about stuff; logo, fonts, and brand colors. Branding services assist you to uncover your fundamental values and package them into a statement that resonates with your target market.

Rollout: This is the final step towards building your brand. In this step we run campaigns, do promotions, and take all the necessary measures to establish authority of your brand. We make sure to represent your brand as a commodity that can be recognised even without a name. And that in true sense, is a successful branding!

So, if you have decided to stand out in the crowd and shine like an expert, consider booking a Branding and Marketing Service at Marcamor.