Design and Development

Design and Development

Your website is like an identity card of your company. Its design decides whether a viewer is going to turn into a customer or not. Because there are thousands of websites all over the internet, yours has to be a very unique and eye-catching website that turns more visitors into your customers. Incorporating a web designing company into your ideas of a website can fetch you more customers than you can even think of.

In the words of Paul Cookson, “a website promotes you 24/7; no employee will do that.”

To help you recognize the necessity of a good website, we will emphasize why website design and development are important?

Design and Development

  • Turns visitors into customers - If you own a business that aims to sell our products, your goal is to achieve as many customers as possible. And that can be done only when your website looks attractive and promising.
  • Enhances SEO strategy - Some various elements or plugins help your website rank higher on search engines. Thus, e-commerce website development, along with only visuals, comprises SEO as well.
  • Builds CRM - Your website and the services provided by you through your site allow your customers to rely on you. A customer may keep coming to your business and website over and over again for the services.

Website designing may seem easy to DIY simply because the above information is shared understandably. But, it includes a lot of technical work which you may not be aware of. One such task is on-page SEO. There is no chance that you can mess up with this crucial part of web development. Let us make this easy with an example. Consider two cases as mentioned below:

Case 1 - Company A sells men’s shirts, and the website title contains- “Men’s Shirts,” URL is

Case 2 - Company B sells men’s shirts, and the website title contains- “Shirts,” URL is$@.

Now which one of the above two will have more site visitors? Case 1, of course. That will be so because the Title of the website and the URL are both managed as per the customer’s requirement. Hence, on-page SEO decides URL, title name, product links, etc., on your website. And on-page SEO has the higher rate of bringing visitors to your site.

Web development which includes User Interference (UI) and User Experience (UX), deals with customer-product interaction. These are associated with a design-centric approach to how your website looks on a mobile, a desktop, or tablets. It also includes call CTA (Call-to-action) buttons (add to cart/buy now/add to wishlist are examples), visuals that serve the purpose of the product, navigation (Example- next page or previous page button), and a style guide which keeps your visitor busy on your website.

You might have seen that different e-commerce websites have a particular design for their products. They are the same, but they are different. And it is this difference that decides if a customer is interested in buying your services or not.

Further, the next essential thing that web designing services provide you is layout and pages. When your business has multiple services or products to offer to consumers, it is necessary to maintain an effective layout and the number of pages allocated to each of the services. Do you know how many pages does a website as Amazon has? More than a hundred, most probably. Now imagine the amount of time required to maintain each page and every category. That many pages may not apply to your website, but a single-page website also won’t be your case. We mean here that a website contains multiple pages and each of the pages has its layouts, SEO details, design, and specifications.

Apart from this, it is also essential to design a mobile-friendly website. Around 85% of the customers use their mobile phones to shop online. The top priority here is to make website surfing compatible on mobile for the users. The easier option can be developing an app. Additionally, website maintenance needs major attention. Your website might come across various defects or server problems, and these issues may irritate your customers. Also, websites need to be updated from time to time as per the changes in terms and conditions of search engines or even according to the need of the hour. Online business is like a race. You always have to be better than your rivals. And that is where you can go a level up.

If you know about the website, it received a lot of negative claims and heated debates. It was not only because of the product quality. The design also could not gain trust or could not create a long-term impact on its customers. As a result, it was not able to raise the required funds. And it suffered a huge loss. Comparatively, its counterparts like Flipkart, Ajio, and Amazon created recognition of themselves in the e-commerce hub.

In the digital marketing world, the first impression is created by how your website has been designed. Its colors, page setup, user compatibility, etc., gain you more customers. To sum up, make use of the technology advancement and hire the best web design and development company to generate leads into long-term customers. One of the best suggestions from our side is Marcamor. The company has an expert team of web developers who, with their years of experience, will create websites far better than your competitors. For more details, visit Marcamor.